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Why Do I Have Silverfish in My Home? | Rochester NY Pest Control Pros

    Why Do I Have Silverfish in My Home? | Rochester NY Pest Control Pros

    Silverfish are creepy nocturnal bugs that have similar characteristics to cockroaches. Have you ever wondered why these pests are getting inside your home? Well, you are not alone in finding answers to these questions. Silverfish makes every single person scratch their heads when they start popping out in unexpected places.

    You may see the same pattern as you frequently start spotting them. These bugs like to hide in dark, damp, and moist places such as the bathroom, basements, and laundry room.

    These tiny bugs do not harm humans but can cause severe allergic reactions to certain people. They do not carry pathogens to spread diseases.

    These nuisance pests contaminate food sources, damage paper goods, and stain your clothes. Do anyone wants them still hanging them around your property?

    What attracts silverfish to your home:

    Understanding why these pests have chosen your home as their habitat place is crucial. Once you have learned the reasons, it helps you to remove the silverfish infestation.

    • Look for the moist leaf piles at the bottom of your garden. If you have leaves spread in your backyard, it will attract silverfish and other moist-loving pests. The closer these piles, the more these bugs will find their way inside your home.
    • Check the heavily weeded areas containing moisture. Thick weeds provide shade, and shade does not allow the sun rays to pass. Thus, there is the high moisture content in the soil after rains. It will attract silverfish where they would love to hide.
    • Silverfish are not only moisture-loving pests but also rodent pests such as rats and mice. Any wooden objects or any pile of cardboard newspapers kept on the ground surface will lure these pests.
    • These pests would love to feed upon carbohydrates and starchy food materials. Make sure to keep the food items packed in seal-tight containers. These pests won’t bother to dive into your kitchen pantry and contaminate the cereal box containing starch and carbohydrates.
    • Any object that prevents the ground surface from drying will be a harborage for silverfish. Tarps, toys, and large rocks will keep the moisture level on the ground surface intact, which has silverfish infestation.
    • Mulch is a favorite place for silverfish to reside and hide.
    • Leaky and broken gutters will create conditions that silverfish loves. If you have broken gutters or water collecting on the ground will attract silverfish to hide in these places and cause infestation.

    Once you find silverfish in these spots and close to your home, there are higher chances they will get inside your home. Silverfish will find their way inside if you have gaps, cracks, and crevices in the exterior of your house caused due to moisture damage.

    Make sure to get these holes and gaps repaired before silverfish find their way inside your home.

    Wrapping up:

    Silverfish infestation is uncommon. These creepy bugs will not harm humans, but they are such a nuisance that you won’t like them to hang around you. If you find increasing silverfish infestation, immediately call a pest control professional to solve the issue quickly.



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