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House Mouse Vs. Squirrel

    House Mouse Vs. Squirrel

    Have you ever heard animal scratching during the daytime or night? If yes, you are experiencing a mouse or a squirrel activity inside your home. The entry through the cracks and openings of your roof creates havoc with your valuables. These rodents can carry dangerous health hazards due to excessive urine and droppings that spread.

    To differentiate between squirrels and mouse is difficult. Therefore, this blog is about to spot the difference between squirrels and mice.

    So, if you are confused about them as well, then keep scrolling!

    Where do squirrels live?

    Squirrels can enter through fascia boards, shingles, and eaves on your home and find their way into your attic. Typically, two to three squirrels stay, take shelters, and create nests.

    Where do mice live?

    There might be confusion between the house mouse and the white-footed mouse because they are similar in appearance. The color of the hair distinguishes both of them. The house mouse has light brown to light gray hairs.

    The white mouse has white hairs on the underside of the tail, belly, and feet. A mouse lives in areas where they are impossible to remove on your own such as attics, garages, and wall interiors.

    Signs of a mouse in the house:

    • Droppings:

    Mouse constantly eats throughout the day, which is little, more for their bodies to digest. The grain-shaped droppings have brown or black color.

    • Scratching:

    The mouse is a nocturnal creature. There could be mice in your house if you hear the sound of mild scratching.

    • Tampered food:

    After finding a suitable shelter, mice always search for a food source. It is easier for them to eat food from your pantry rather than searching it outside. The edges of the pantry box chewed look like the signs of a tampered food.

    • Mice:

    You may have a sight of the mouse in your house crawling or running. They are most active during the night time due to their nocturnal nature.

    Signs of a squirrel in the house:

    Squirrels can build their nest and make way to your attic just like mice. Squirrels are diurnal, whereas mice are nocturnal creatures. It means mice are active during the nighttime, whereas squirrels are active during the daytime.

    • Hearing the scratching, jumping, or scampering noises in your home have a sign of a squirrel.
    • Find squirrel droppings around your house or in the attic.
    • The fascia boards, shingles, eaves troughs, and outer panels have damaged entry points along the roofline.
    • The squirrel urine and feces cause water damage marks on the walls and create strange odors.

    Stop them from entering your home by using the preventive methods:

    • Seal all the entry points.
    • Regularly maintain your house and backyard.
    • Remove food sources.
    • Keep the living area clean and tidy.
    • Call expert pest control professionals.

    Wrapping up:

    It is best to call the pest control professionals to determine the rodent issues. They will have a thorough inspection and have a customized plan to remove the pests and keep them out. It will include keeping the rodents away from entering your home by installing wire mesh on the roof and in the crawlspace.

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