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Do Norway Rats Pose A Serious Threat?

    Do Norway Rats Pose A Serious Threat?

    When it comes to pests, Norway rats are some of the most dangerous out there. They are known to spread dozens of diseases, some of them very serious, and cause damage in the home, to the point where they create electrical fire hazards. Let’s take a closer look at the threats that rats pose and what can be done about them.

    Damage to the home

    Rats have to gnaw constantly in order to keep the length of their teeth manageable. This is why you will find gnaw marks on your furniture and around the home during a rat infestation.  However, most gnawing damage is simply esthetic, and while annoying, it’s not really dangerous. The problem is when rats start to gnaw on electrical wiring. The rats will strip the wiring of the insulating plastic and leave the wires open, turning them into electrical fire hazards. The rats may also die when chewing on these wires, with the carcass becoming a health hazard as it decomposes in the walls.

    Disease spread

    The biggest threat posed by rats is the fact that they can spread dozens of dangerous diseases. These diseases include salmonella, rat-bite fever and even the plague. Rats spread diseases in a variety of ways, including through direct contact, their urine and their feces. On top of that, rats also carry several parasites, including fleas and ticks that can spread some diseases of their own.

    Disease spread is the main threat posed by Norway rats, because they will contaminate any surface or food that they touch. If they leave their droppings anywhere, that area needs to be disinfected, because it may be filled with pathogens.


    Controlling a Norway rat infestation is usually done by a pro. DIY methods will almost always fall short of removing the whole infestation, and if even a couple of rats remain in the home, they will simply repopulate their nest and soon enough, the infestation will be back in full force. A pro will use both traps and poisons to their full effect in order to completely remove an infestation, and he can also advise you on preventive measures that can be implemented to prevent future Norway rat infestations. If you have any questions about the threats posed by these vermin, or if you suspect that you currently have a Norway rat infestation in your home that has to be removed, contact us today.

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