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Carpenter Ant Swarms

    Carpenter Ant Swarms

    Numerous ant pest species infest homes in upstate New York, and detecting ant infestations in homes can be a relatively easy process, or excessively difficult depending on the species. Most ant pests invade homes in large numbers, making them a nuisance, but very few medically significant ant pests inhabit upstate New York. The European fire ant is one exception, as this ant is abundant in the region, but they are most well known for infesting lawns as opposed to invading houses, although indoor European ant infestations have been known to occur. In many ant infestation cases, the insects are readily seen by homeowners, but no matter how many specimens are killed, the ant pests often reappear rapidly. In these cases, an infested home likely contains an ant nest that is located within an obscured area, such as within wall voids, beneath baseboards or even in attic spaces. Witnessing an indoor ant swarm is, perhaps, the most obvious sign that a home is infested with ants. When an ant swarm occurs within an upstate New York home, there is a good chance that the type of pests infesting the home are carpenter ants, specifically the black carpenter ant species.

    Ant swarms do not occur within all homes infested with ant pests. First of all, in order for an ant swarm to occur indoors, an ant nest must be located within a home. Second of all, the colony within an ant nest must mature for a period of time before reproductive swarmers can emerge. In warm climates, indoor ant colonies mature relatively rapidly, but indoor ant colonies can upstate New York take between 3 to 5 years before maturing to the point where reproductive swarms emerge from a nest. If an ant swarm occurs during the winter in upstate New York, than a serious structural infestation of carpenter ants probably exists within a home. Indoor ant swarms sometimes occur when ant nests are located beneath the soil close to a home’s foundation, but these types of ant pests are not as problematic as carpenter ants.

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