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Bed Bugs Are Becoming A Serious Problem In Upstate New York

    Bed Bugs Are Becoming A Serious Problem In Upstate New York

    Bed Bugs Are Becoming A Serious Problem In Upstate New York, As Nursing Homes, Offices, Hotels And Homes Have Seen Several Infestations In Less Than A Year

    These days, it is not necessarily shocking to learn that bed bug infestation rates are increasing with each passing year. This is certainly true for residents of upstate New York, as each new day is accompanied by yet another news story about a bed bug infestation within a public building. Back in November of 2010, pest control professionals in New York state announced that the amount of bed bug infestations increased by 50 percent from the previous year. That same year, residents were shocked to learn that a bed bug infestation had been found in the Seneca Hall dormitory at the State University College at Oswego, and several more infestations were being reported in other dormitories, as well as in homes and businesses in the state. During 2016, an article described how workers had been in disbelief over a bed bug infestation found in the Taxation and Finance building on the Harriman campus in Albany. However, in just the past six months, bed bug infestations have been found in nursing homes, shopping malls, government buildings, apartments, hotels, motels and of course, homes in upstate New York.

    It is well known that bed bugs can enter homes by attaching themselves to clothing before people unwittingly track the insects into their homes, and it is not uncommon for people to purchase used furniture that is infested with bed bugs. But bed bugs can also enter homes without hitchhiking on clothing or any other types of fabric that people bring into their homes, as the bloodsucking insects have been known to enter homes and buildings by traveling along wiring and pipes that lead indoors. Bed bugs can also travel from apartment unit to apartment unit with ease, but sitting on infested furniture within public locations or other homes is the most common way in which the bugs settle into new areas. Bed bug infestations can likely be avoided by avoiding used furniture and clothing and by closely checking waiting room furniture before getting comfortable.

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