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Does Town and Country use the Heat or Cold treatment methods?

    Does Town and Country use the Heat or Cold treatment methods?

    The Heat treatments will kill bed bugs, so will extreme cold treatments. We do not use either one of them simply because they provide no residual to kill any bed bugs that escaped the initial treatment. The home can be clear one day and re infested a month later.

    Money down the drain! We have found that the reparation for heat and cold is very time consuming and expensive. The chance of missing a bed bug is great – the heat is unable to kill bed bugs that may be living in crack, crevices or the baseboards and outlets of an outside wall. The bed bug can crawl away from the heated wall and is saved by the coolness of the outer wall, then returns as the heat dissipates.

    The heat cannot be used on many personal electronics without damage. We often find bed bugs living in these items, leaving them to re infest after they are brought back into the room after treatment. The cold process has many of the same disadvantages, such as a lack of residual and potential damage to anything electronic or made of plastic. This includes TV’s, DVD players, cable boxes, etc…Our proprietary residual process kills nearly every bed bug in hours, and keeps killing when and if a new one enters.

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