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The Bed Bug Detector

The NightStick has been designed to attract and retain the hitch-hiking bedbug in several unique ways. It has been said that a successful business has to do with Location, Location, Location! The NightStick’s design is all about location, safe harborage and capture.

Bed Bug Solutions

Our full 6 month guarantee, on all inspection/barrier and full treatment, states that we will treat any room that is confirmed to have a bed bug infestation at no additional cost and is within the warranty period.

Identify a Pest

There are many pests among us and around us. The first step in eradicating them is identifying them. Here we give an in depth profile of each pest you may encounter in upstate New York.

Photos and Videos

Our fame is in part owed to the hilarious antics of our technicians on the job. You just can’t predict what will happen next when working with animals and insects. Watch out, or just watch here!

For a full gallery of the pests that we treat, click the button below to head to our “Identify A Pest” page.

Identify A Pest