Woodpeckers: What you need to know

Identifying Characteristics

  • The downy woodpecker is the most common type in the united States
  • Most woodpeckers tongues are 4 inches long and wraps around the skull
  • Most of species tongues are barbed, which help them extract bugs from holes
  • There toes face front and back, giving them incredible strength to hold onto trees and other structures
  • Woodpeckers are pecking for 1 of 3 reasons, to build a home, mating calls, and for finding insects to eat in wood and other structures

Active Season

  • The heaviest breeding period for Woodpeckers is from February to July

Interesting Facts

  • Most woodpeckers tongues are 4 inches long and wraps around the skull
  • Neither male or female Woodpeckers have vocal cords, so they use hollow trees and other wood structures as a way to drum a song for calling the opposite sext to mate or communicate
  • They can peck 20 times per second and can average¬†between 8,000 and 12,000 pecks per day
  • With all that pecking in a day, they do NOT¬†get headaches. They have reinforced skulls that are made to distribute the impact force and their barians are tightly cushioned and protected

Cause for Concern

  • Woodpeckers¬†make holes all year around and these holes are often into homes and other building structures
  • Old holes become homes for many other creatures such as squirrels, mice, other birds etc‚Ķ

Town & Country Can Help

Customer Preparation

  • Be able to identify the locations where the woodpecker is causing damage. Please prepare for treatment by making the areas of concern accessible to our technicians

Our Guarantee

  • Woodpeckers are protected by the North American Migratory Bird Act, fines can be imposed on anyone who harms them. Fortunately, bird control experts at Town &¬†Country Pest Solutions have several effective and humane ways to keep woodpeckers off commercial buildings
  • Town &¬†Country Pest Solutions offers a guarantee that is above the industry average on every pest that we treat. Please contact our office for specific guarantee offers

Contact Us Immediately

If you have any evidence or any suspicion that this pest is around your property do NOT hesitate to contact us before the problem gets out of control.

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Woodpecker Media Gallery

At Town & Country Pest Solutions we have gone through great lengths to better understand the pests that we encounter.¬†Photos and videos have been an important tool in our research and we have included them here to help you¬†“identify your¬†pest.”

All our images and video are copyright and are property of Town & Country Pest Solutions. Do not duplicate without written permission. Email our on-staff photographer, Ryan, if you would like permission to use or purchase any of our media.

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