Conifer Bugs

Conifer Bugs: What you need to know

Identifying Characteristics

  • Adults Conifer Bugs are ¬ĺ inches in length and closely resemble a Stink Bug
  • They have a brown colored back with a yellow or orange colored abdomen
  • While in flight, they have a loud buzz that resembles a Bumble Bee

Active Season

  • Conifer Bugs are mainly active from Spring to Fall but can occasionally be found indoors year-round while entering homes in search of warmer living conditions

Interesting Facts

  • When handled, a Conifer Bug may stab with their proboscis, but they are unable to cause harm as it is designed to suck sap from plants and not inject poison

Cause for Concern

  • Conifer Bugs do not bite or sting, but often cause concern when large numbers of them invade homes or buildings
  • Although they differ from stink bugs, they will also emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed

Town & Country Can Help

Customer Preparation

  • Conifer Bug treatments are both interior and exterior. We will treat any known areas of concern, so please be sure to have those areas accessible. People and pets will need to remain out of the house for 1 hour

Our Guarantee

  • Town &¬†Country Pest Solutions offers a guarantee that is above the industry average on every pest that we treat. Please contact our office for specific guarantee offers

Contact Us Immediately

If you have any evidence or any suspicion that this pest is around your property do NOT hesitate to contact us before the problem gets out of control.

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Conifer Bug Media Gallery

At Town & Country Pest Solutions we have gone through great lengths to better understand the pests that we encounter.¬†Photos and videos have been an important tool in our research and we have included them here to help you¬†“identify your¬†pest.”

All our images and video are copyright and are property of Town & Country Pest Solutions. Do not duplicate without written permission. Email our on-staff photographer, Ryan, if you would like permission to use or purchase any of our media.

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