Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies: What you need to know

Identifying Characteristics

  • Cluster Flies vary from ÂĽ – ½ inches in length
  • They are generally dark grey and are commonly mistaken with the house fly
  • They are clumsy/poor fliers
  • They are most commonly seen on the sunny exterior of a home or building

Active Season

  • Cluster Flies peak activity is during the Spring and Fall
  • Their lifespan is 4-6 weeks
  • Their development time from egg to adult is 27 days

Interesting Facts

  • A Cluster Fly can lay up to 130 eggs at a time
  • Eggs are deposited into random cracks in the ground where they are swallowed by worms in whose stomach’s they pupate

Cause for Concern

  • In off seasons masses may hide in inner walls of homes to emerge in warmer days of the winter or early spring
  • They are seen as a major nuisance within your home

Town & Country Can Help

Customer Preparation

  • For interior treatments, all people and pets need to be out of the home for 1 hour. The treatment can take up to 3 weeks to take care of infestation
  • Sanitation Tips: The large battle when dealing with any type of fly is removing their habitat. Residual treatments will not prevent reproduction but removing preferred conditions will. They are often found around trash cans, dumpsters, rotting corpses, and general filth. Until these issues are dealt with, the fly infestation can not be controlled.

Our Guarantee

  • Town & Country Pest Solutions offers a guarantee that is above the industry average on every pest that we treat. Please contact our office for specific guarantee offers

Contact Us Immediately

If you have any evidence or any suspicion that this pest is around your property do NOT hesitate to contact us before the problem gets out of control.

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Cluster Fly Media Gallery

At Town & Country Pest Solutions we have gone through great lengths to better understand the pests that we encounter. Photos and videos have been an important tool in our research and we have included them here to help you “identify your pest.”

All our images and video are copyright and are property of Town & Country Pest Solutions. Do not duplicate without written permission. Email our on-staff photographer, Ryan, if you would like permission to use or purchase any of our media.

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