Janetta Morton

I have been having Town & Country do my bee proofing for several years now. They always send me a reminder in the spring, which I appreciate because I lose track of when it’s the best time to bee proof. I have an acre property with a large garden and dozens of fruit trees, so bees can be a problem in my house and barn.

The bee proofing done by Town & Country is well done. I get an all-season guarantee.

This past year was the first time I actually had to call them back for a bee problem mid-season in my house. Some bees had found a tiny crack in the siding on my house near the roof and had built a nest in the wall of my house. I could hear them during the night in my bedroom. It took a while, and 2 more visits by Town & Country, to figure out where they were getting in, but eventually we found the spot. Town & Country then treated the area, which killed off the existing nest.

I would definitely recommend Town & Country Pest Solutions to anyone looking for quality bee proofing.

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