Jimmy "James"

Jimmy “Jimmy-James”
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Commercial Relations Manager

There is a funny story about how I came to be a Town & Country guy…

While I was taking an “early retirement” test drive, Matt Fabry (Town & Country president and founder), came out to treat my cabana for a hornet infestation. I was so impressed by his zeal and enjoyment for what he did, that I said to myself, “Jimmy, you have no business retiring at such a robust stage of life. These guys need you,” and the next thing I knew I was helping to bring Town & Country’s outstanding service to all those in need.

My initial goal was to become the biggest and best exterminators in town. I quickly realized that challenge was not big enough, now I want the whole country!

When I’m not assisting others in their quest for value, I’m usually relaxing with my wife and a glass of vino in my pest-free, backyard oasis.

  • Jimmy is awesome. Excellent customer service and very timely.
    Frederick DouglasRochester, NY

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