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I have worked many jobs in a customer service capacity and never have I been prouder to say that I am a part of a team. Town & Country has worked hard at providing outstanding customer service on a daily basis and a healthy work environment for their employees. They are always striving to go above and beyond and challenge me to do the same. I am so thankful that I get a chance to work with such an amazing group of people.

1 part nerd. 1 part amateur photographer. 2 parts adventurer. 3 parts book hoarder. 1 part foodie and baker… too many parts?

  • Art was wonderful, he was compassionate and answered all my questions and really listened. Called / gave a text when finished. You truly have an excellent technician and a outstanding company. Please keep up the great service. Thank you All so much.
    Mary Ellen LessordSpencerport, NY
  • Hi Folks ~ So thankful for Town and Country! Over the last ~ 20 years, we have needed help along the way with Carpenter Ants, Bees and more recently, Tent Moths. We can always count on the job being done right! The Technicians are knowledgeable, efficient, kind and friendly. Thanks so much! ~ Tim
  • I work with clients in the community that sometimes have issues with roaches and bed bugs. I learned of your service through a colleague who had good luck. I appreciated the customer service you provided to my agency and the customer. The ability to provide the services and then allow the County time to pay the bill was much appreciated. I will most certainly use your service in the future whether it be through my professional duties or personal.
    Onondaga County Adult ProtectiveSyracuse, NY
  • Great customer service at a fair price.
    John CoolingBrockport, NY
  • Thankful that we could reschedule quickly and were not charged for the tenants forgetting to be there.
    Naomi NewcombRochester, NY
  • He gave a lot of great information about how the wasps move around and how to remove it after the week was up. I had a huge wasp nest underneath the corner of my deck with 200-300 wasps in it. I found out about it after it stung my puppy and made an outdoor picnic move inside. Mike came and took care of it for me. I called in the morning and they came out the same afternoon! They sprayed to make sure the treatment was effective. He provided instructions on accurate next removal a week later. He informed me that we needed to leave the nest for a week to make sure all of the wasps that move in and out of the nest through out the days would be affected. He gave a lot of great information about how the wasps move around and how to remove it after the week was up.
    Patricia Jeffers

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