Creative Director

The day I find, and capture or photograph, a Powder Post Beetle will be a great day for me. For some reason I find them to be the coolest looking “pest,” and I look forward to adding them to my photo collection. Unfortunately, in my first year with T&C the tiny little “wood eaters” have eluded me.

Outside of work I still like to photograph, however the subjects tend to be either human or a beautiful morning landscape. My beautiful wife Christina and I have the privilege of also photographing for a living. If someone asked Christina what her favorite subject to photograph was, the answer would undoubtedly be our sweet little daughter Nadia.

Besides my work and photography, I am passionate about a few more things and at the top of that list is my walk with the Lord. Each time I get to photograph another tiny insect I am amazed and reminded of His creativity and care for even the smallest creatures.

Taking care of the 2 loves of my life, mentioned above, are next in line, and when there is time left over, I use what passion remains for coaching soccer and playing some disc golf.